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At Alamo Auto Supply, we stock and sell many brands of bed liner products designed to enhance your ride,but our biggest and baddest is definitely Pendaliner.  Penda delivers toughness and lasting durabilitydesigned to enhance the look of your pickup and serve many important protective function.  Wemanufacture bed liners for most automotive brands today including Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, and manymore.  

Our bed liners are created with patented materials, are skid and impact resistant, and will significantlyenhance the look of your truck – taking it from stock to rock in no time.   We can provide a custom fit forboth under rail and over rail model trucks and sizes range from a 5 foot bed to as lengthy as an 8 foot bed.We have a wide variety of sizes available to accommodate what your truck needs.  Pendaliner has up to 2Xskid resistance and is up to 8X the fade resistance of similarly sold bed liner models being sold on themarket today.  Pendaliner is designed to keep your liner looking sharp over the long haul.  Our smoothsurface, premium skid resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and environmentally friendlymaterial make our product the standout against the competition.    

Increase the investment in your ride -because with an installed Pendaliner dropped into the back of your ride - the value of your truck just wentup.  Pendaliner delivers a smooth texture with a patented material blend designed to make it EXTREMELYdependable and long lasting, up to 4X more effective against impact resistance versus industry competitors.  Pendaliner resists gasoline, oils and most other chemicals and best of all, can be custom fitted on mostmodels with ZERO drill installation and tie down hole caps so your truck is never damaged during theinstallation process.  

Want to learn more about installing a Bedliner on your truck today?  Give us a call for more information and see how Alamo can enhance the quality of your truck today.  In most cases, we can complete your installation same-day and have your driving away in style.