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Bully Dog has a long and proven family history of improving vehicle performance since it opened its doors for business the first time in 1998, the concept for these great products began long before then however.  When you come into Alamo Auto Supply, our team of professionals are on hand and ready to show you the type of gear that is among the best in the industry and designed to provide a combination of powerful performance - enhanced fuel efficiency, and more.  Bully Dog products are flexibly constructed and developed to provide exact results for different drivers based on specific automotive needs and wants.  Bully Dog is driven to produce products that are highly competitive within the industry.  Bully Dog takes great pride in innovative products like the Triple Dog Downloader, Outlook Monitor, and Performance Management Tool that customers are ready for purchase and installation.  Alamo Auto Supply offers great products with lasting quality workmanship, and Bully Dog is no exception.  does more than just speak to the quality of their products.  Bully Dog does more than just speak about the quality of their products, and in fact, is the only manufacturer who allows you to try it for yourself with the "Try Before You Buy" program to learn exactly why Bully Dog products are a top-of-the-line choice for increased power, enhanced safety, and a noticeable difference in fuel economy management.  Take your truck or SUV to the next level with Bully Dog and Unleash the Power!


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Total Lifetime Accessories SatisfactionRest assured your installation purchase is protected by the Alamo guarantee.  


With more than 20,000 products in stock, many which include a full limited lifetime labor warranty, we provide peace-of-mind whichcomes standard with a quality installation for that just-in-case scenario. Our team takes great pride in thework that it does, and with so many great accessories in-stock, we remove the stress and hassle out of apersonal and time consuming installation which is guaranteed to only result in the hours of time you shouldhave spent on the road enjoying your upgrade.  From custom lighting installations to the latest and greateststereo equipment, bed liner installations, and more, on the market today, get what you want and restcomfortably that Alamo has your back on the install designed to pimp-your-ride, not to mention a level ofexpertise which is unsurpassed.  Need more reasons to shop Alamo for your ride? Come on in and checkout our store for yourself, its’ been an El Paso favorite for more than 66 years. We’re sure you will agree that once you tell the person in the car next to you at the red light where you gotyour gear, they're gonna say WOW, I GOTTA GO TO ALAMO! and we’re still going strong!