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Bushwacker has crafted a proud reputation as the leading producer of fender flares and truck accessories on nearly four decades of custom design and incredible innovation.  Bushwacker did not get where it is today from delivering anything less than product excellence to its loyal customers.  From the development of our first fender flares for the iconic Ford Bronco, to our latest product releases - our passion for styles consumers want to purchase and the determination to offer nothing less than Simply The Best products means most to the long standing commitment we strive to provide our customers.  Alamo Auto Supply appreciates the importance of product excellence and its decision-making impact on our dedicated and loyal  customers, which is the undeniable reason why Alamo Auto Supply proudly stocks a full line of Bushwacker products on the shelves of our massive El Paso showroom.  Get that unmistakable style in the Bushwacker best which set us apart from the rest.  Bushwacker is spirited, driven, and committed to offering the very best.  Our commitment to style and innovation is a part of every product we create.  Bushwacker parts are computer-designed for accuracy and proper fit - not to menion, we utilize the toughest materials in our products designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.  Bushwacker and Alamo Auto Supply clealy mean more than just parts.  Outstanding Customer Service - Guaranteed Workmanship - Built to Last - Variety and Selection.  Accept nothing less than Bushwacker, our high-quality standard for style and lasting product quality is evident in every product we create. When you buy Bushwacker, you own a product that is built-to-last.  It's our commitment to the automotive aftermarket that drives our style and our commitment to a quality product.  Let the professionals at Alamo Auto Supply show you how to take your vehicle far beyond ordinary with Bushwacker fender flares and truck accessories.