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Performance Electronics are amped to take your truck, Jeep, or SUV to the next level. Don't settle for anything less than the best and push it further with Edge Products.  Founded in 1999,  great effort has been placed into creating products for more than just diesel-powered trucks.  Edge Products is here to stay and that staying power means great products at competitive prices.  Headquartered in Utah and recognized as one of Utah's fastest growing companies a decade ago, Edge Products continues to develop incredible offerings for Ford, Chevy, General Motors, Dodge, and Toyota.  Enhanced Fuel Performance. Increased Horsepower. Stylish Appearance. These are but a few of the descriptions which apply to the products created by Edge Products.  What also sets this company apart from the competition is its monitoring capabilities.  Not only do the various brands under the Edge Products umbrella have the ability to display multiple engine parameters but they also offer associated safety features which report those parameters on an specially crafted in-cab display monitor.  Sure our products speak volumes when its quality you demand, but our customer service and technical support are top notch as well.  Seven years after opening our doors, Edge merged with MSD Performance and a new chapter begun. Alamo Auto Supply is a proud distributor of Edge Products and invites our El Paso customers to come in and see how great your Power Management System has the potential to become. Hold Your Edge!