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When it comes to the aftermarket industry, Alamo Auto Supply only trust a small few in this technology-driven world that we live in.  Hypertech has earned the respect of Alamo Autos as well as the aftermarket community with their knowledge of their core products and the ability to tune the complex computers that modern automobiles use to control essential functions in modern automobiles. With such attention to detail its no wonder why Hypertech is the leader in High-Performance engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles since their introduction in the early 80's. Along with being industry leaders, Alamo Autos and Hypertech share the passion for the craft. Look in our parking lots and see the very trucks and cars that show we are performance enthusiasts our self's. Keeping with the pace of the rapid advances in developing power tuning products that take the capabilities of these electronic controls. As the automobile industry grows into new exciting places, Alamo Autos of El Paso and Hypertech will continue to design products that are cutting edge of technology and the future.