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Rugged Liner is recognized as a leading manufacturer of pickup truck bedliners and other accessories, providing quality aftermarket products.  You are sure to find many great products on the shelves of Alamo Auto Supply, an El Paso aftermarket accessories leader.  Established in 1995, Rugged Liner is headquartered in the rural community of Owosso, Michigan just west of Flint, Michigan.  With over 450,000 square feet, our state of the art manufacturing and shipping facilities, meets and exceeds industry standards across the country. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified.  Rugged Liner employees are committed and dedicated to meet and exceed our valued customer needs. Bottom line: We offer valued customers what they want and more, which enables us to be recognized as a premiere leader in the industry.  Learn more about Rugged Liner from the pros at Alamo Auto Supply.  A Better Way.