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Nerf bars, step bars, and running boards make your vehicle look ultra-functional – and are designed with your style in mind.  At Alamo Auto Supply we offer additional protection and ease-of-entry into your HD, lifted or hard to enter Truck, Jeep or Sport Utility Vehicle.  

Step up in style with equipment from Aries Automotive, Ranch Hand, Go Rhino, Big Country, AMP Research, CARR, or other recognized industry brands like Westin that are in stock and ready for install here at Alamo Auto Supply.  We offer a great selection of nerf bars, step bars, and running boards that offer a clean and stable lift to tired legs within a variety of environmental conditions.  

As full-size pickups have gradually increased in size and height and SUVs continue to maintain their enormous stature well into the 21st century – nerf bars, step bars, and running boards definitely enhance the look and feel of your ride - but even more importantly, they provide an important function which permit passengers a safe entry-exit from the cabin of your vehicle. The manufacturers we supply craft their products from high-grade materials which are built to last and offer superior stability.

We offer a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes which serve to complement the strength and performance your vehicle provides – whether you rock a low-rolling crossover or a tricked out monster truck, there are certain times when having a solid step beneath you is appreciated - especially when you need that bit of an extra added boost.  

Customize the appearance of your Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Ram and more. We provide options for nerf, step bars, and running boards that match the finish of grille guards and tail light guards we also offer at Alamo Auto Supply.  Treat your truck like “road royalty” or rock it right like the “off-road beast” it is - decked out and ready to roll no matter where you plan to roam. Nerf bars, step bars, running boards, whether, round, oval, chrome, black, wheel to wheel, full length, wide, and powered in El Paso are certain to be a perfect fit for you and your ride.  Step up in style with Alamo Auto Supply – “simply a better way.”